Heart signs and symptoms according to Chinese Medicine.

Published: 27th January 2007
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What are the main signs and symptoms of heart weakness and disease according to Chinese medicine?

These are the patterns that to relate to the philosophy of Chinese medicine.

• Heart Qi Deficiency.

• Heart Yang Deficiency.

• Heart Yang Collapse.

• Heart Blood Deficiency.

• Heart Yin Deficiency.

• Heart Fire Blazing.

• Phlegm-Fire Harassing the Heart.

• Phlegm Misting the Heart.

• Heart Blood Stagnant.

The signs and symptoms in heart Qi deficiency are Palpitations which is irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath on exertion that relates to the lungs as well, pale face, sweating since the heart comptrollers sweat, tiredness because of lack of Qi, lack of joy that is the emotion of the heart energy. These problems can come from Blood loss. Emotional problems like sadness and long illness.

The signs and symptoms in Heart Yang Deficiency are Same as Heart Qi Deficiency including feeling cold because of lack of yang, cold limbs because of circulation, bright pale face that indicates lack of yang, stuffy feeling in Heart area. The cause of heart Yang deficiency is Heart Qi Deficiency symptoms, plus Yang Deficiency.

The signs and symptoms in Heart Yang Collapse are Palpitations, weak shallow breathing because of lack of energy, profuse cold perspiration since the Yang is collapsed, cold limbs, cyanosis of lips because of blood stagnation and coma. The cause of heart Yang collapse is the same as Heart Yang Deficiency.

The signs and symptoms in heart blood deficiency are Palpitations, insomnia due to rising energy, dream-disturbed sleep because of lack of anchored mind, poor memory, anxiety that is specifically connected to the heart, easily startled, dizziness, dull pale face that is related to blood deficiency as well as pale lips. The causes of heart blood deficiency are Poor diet, Anxiety and worry, Severe haemorrhage.

The signs and symptoms in heart yin deficiency are Palpitations, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, easily startled, poor memory, anxiety, restlessness, inappropriate joy that is indication of imbalanced emotion of the heart, malar flush because of hot energy rising up to the face, low grade fever, feeling of heat since the lack of yin and excess Yang produces heat, night sweats, dry mouth and throat, 5-palm heat. The cause of heart yin deficiency are Anxiety and worry, External attack of Heat, Associated with Kidney Yin Deficiency.

Heart Fire Blazing

The signs and symptoms in heart fire blazing are palpitations, thirst, mouth and tongue ulcers, mental restlessness, agitation, insomnia, bitter taste, red face, feels hot, dark urine or blood in urine.

The cause of Heart Fire Blazing are Emotional problems and fire or heat Transferred from Liver.

Phlegm-Fire Harassing the Heart

The signs and symptoms in phlegm fire harassing the heart are mental restlessness, palpitations, bitter taste, dream-disturbed sleep, easily startled, incoherent speech, mental confusion, rash behaviour, tendency to hit or scold people, uncontrolled laughing or crying, shouting, muttering to self, mental depression and dullness. In severe cases, aphasia or coma.

Aetiology: a) Severe emotional problems. b) Too much hot greasy food. c) Fever due to External Pathogenic Heat.

Phlegm Misting the Heart

Signs and Symptoms: Mental confusion, unconsciousness, lethargic stupor, vomiting, rattling sound in throat, aphasia.

Aetiology: a) Children - constitutional. b) Adults - excess cold, greasy, raw food.

Heart Blood Stagnant

Signs and Symptoms: Palpitations, pain in Heart region which may radiate to inside left arm or to shoulder, stuffiness of chest, discomfort, oppression or constriction of chest, cyanosis of lips and nails, cold hands.

Aetiology: a) Emotional problems. b) Heart Yang Deficiency. c) Long term overwork.

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